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  • Header Type Radiator
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Goose-Neck Type Radiator
  • Special Design Radiator
  • Offset Radiator

  • Technical Specification:
VSPL has an advance and Automatic Plant for manufacturing of Transformers, Radiators which is fully equipped to meet highest quality requirements of Radiators. It offers wide range of Radiators like Square Flange(detachable/Type F), T Joints, Double-entry headers etc in Width 226MM, 300MM, 375MM and 520MM & up to 4000 MM in long (Thickness 1.00MM & 1.25MM). We can also supply Offset type Radiators in 520MM Width.

  • Painting:
The standard radiators are shot blast-cleaned and given two coats each of Red Oxide Zinc Chrome primer and Enamel finish paint (providing for a total dry film thickness of 70 to 100 micro-meters) on the outside, and one coat of heat-resistant varnish on the inside. Other external primer/finish coating such as Yellow Zinc Chromate primer, zinc Rich primer, Micaceous Iron Oxide primer, Epoxy primer/finish, polyurethane finish, Spray Galvanized etc, can be provided, as required.

  • QC/Testing:

Routine pressure testing (under water) at 2 kg/cm2 for 30 minutes is carried out for all radiators. Type tests like ‘hot-oil sweat’ and ‘vacuum’ withstand tests are carried out periodically or against specific requests by the customer. We are fully equipped for testing of radiators as per IEEMA and DIN standards.

  • All instruments for dimension measurement
  • Thickness tester
  • Dry film thickness tester for paint,lacquer and galvanize.
Tables detailing the heat transmission data, the surface area, oil content and weight per section for different lengths, will be furnished on request.  Top
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