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  • Tank Shunts / Flux Collectors:

Tables detailing the heat transmission data, the surface area, oil content and weight per section for different lengths, will be furnished on request.

  • Special Features:
  • Special design reduces losses in large Power Transformers
  • Reflects the leakage flux of Transformer windings
  • Effectively controls structural stray losses
  • Offers high permeable path to leakage flux, acts as a shield
  • Offers higher efficiency compared to non-magnetic shields
  • Enables almost-nil (negligible) losses, if designed with lower watts/kg from CRGO Steel
  • Edgewise Shunt vs Widthwise Shunt:
  • The Silicon Steel sheets/strips are perpendicular to the tank wall and winding in Edgewise Shunt.
  • Higher stacking factor & uniform distance from the tank wall as compared to widthwise shunts.
  • No non magnetic gaps in the edgewise shunt for incident flux.
  • Leakage flux incident on thickness of sheets (edges) resulting in higher effective permeability of flux collector and negligible eddy losses for edgewise shunts.
  • Specifications:

  • Custom-made
  • Length – 100 mm to 4300 mm
  • Width – 50 mm to 470 mm
  • Height – 15 mm to 80 mm  Top
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